Have you ever felt confused by computers, too frightened to explore the benefit that they provide to your business? Well MNB Computing has been established since 1998.

The services that we offer range from on-site technical support, testing and maintenance of PC's, Mac's and Servers with network equipment and infrastructure to both private and public sector. Our Client base ranges from the home user to international companies.

We provide both technical support and full maintenance package. We range from basic repairs to sourcing a whole new office suite and Server system. Cat 5e and Cat 6 Office cable configuration. All maintenance can be completed on-site to all clients from Home PC Repairs & Upgrade with the Hull and East Riding Area to Small business and Commercial clients on a National Basis. 

Onsite Maintenance 


Cloud Backup

Backup is a critical part of protecting any business data. However, due to cost and difficulty in management, many IT professionals are limited to managing only critical infrastructure such as email, databases, or a central file server.
With Acronis Cloud Backup you can back up workstations and server data with a hybrid approach that will work for almost any business.

Our Clients

Private and public sectors

Home users

Small businesses

Commercial clients

Data Recovery

We also provide data recovery on failed hard disc drives, either in house or by use of our approved clean-room labs. We can destroy hard disc drive data up to and beyond UK government standards. 

Why do you need to erase data securely off hard discs? Well most people tend to think once they empty the recycle bin on the PC the data is gone off the PC. Data can be recovered by anyone from basic amateur computer enthusiasts to criminal organisations. The software used by MNB Computing goes beyond UK government standards and cannot be forensically recovered or used for identity theft.